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semi-hiatus; sept 18: once again, so sorry for the lack of attention i'm giving to this blog, i'm moving to a new house and i've been really busy with all the preparations lately, hopefully i can come back to tumblr asap;;
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Airport faschen is always on point! (T-minus 4 days)

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Mr. Dandy

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chanyeol for anon

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kyungsoo volumen n° 1 (insp)

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 세훈: he who controls the wind [7/12]

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baeksoo requested by anon

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(006/???) Pale Edits/Graphics of EXO 
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"Looking merely at my expressions, particularly when I’m expressionless, I will look rather tough and arrogant. But my personality really isn’t anything like that, and fans know it. But at the start, those who don’t know me too well will always bear some misconceptions. In truth I’m not a bad kid, I’m a kind kid"

"I think I’m a very interesting kid, secondly I think I’m a very warmhearted person, not as cold as my external appearance”

-Oh Sehun // ELLE MEN SEPT 2014 ISSUE- Interview//

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